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    I want it cheap and fast!!!

    Hey ya'll. This is my first post on this forum and I've got to give everybody credit for being pretty well versed in the art of digital photography. Now let's see how shopping savy you are. I work for a law firm and one of our attorneys has started to get so many clients that they have started to forget who is who. So, in order to solve this problem we have decided to get a digtial camera. It will be used indoor about 80% of the time and all I am really looking for is something that takes good quality pictures (between 2 and 3 megapix) and will upload the pictures quickly. Any ideas?

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    Cheap and fast? Sure, no problem. Actually, any camera should be fine. The only edge one might have over another might be the software that you'd use on the PC, but you really wouldn't even need to use it anyway.

    Take a picture, pull the memory card out of the camera and put it in a card reader (something you'd buy separately - and only remove or put the card in the camera when it's off). Then just drag & drop the files.

    If you wanted to edit your images or cared about EXIF data (camera settings, etc) then it would be a different story - but this would be the easiest way.

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