• 05-04-2004, 08:36 AM
    HP Photosmart 1215 Printer problems
    I have a HP Photosmart 1215 printer, and has gone throught at least 275 prints. Then I started noticing that the quality was getting degraded. Fades, and loss of some color.

    I ran a test page, and the color blue was missing. The page informed me that I need to clean or replace my print cartridge. Even thought I had 89% Black, and 89% Color. I opened up a new package of inks and replaced it.

    I ran another test page severl times, and I'm missing the color Yellow, but I have my blue back. It's now telling me the same fix's. I have run a clean on it, reinstalled the software, and still no better quality. I'm missing the yellow. And my prints are Yuckoo !!!

    Does anyone have a fix? Is anyone having the same problems? :)
  • 05-04-2004, 11:54 AM
    One of the problems with inkjet printers is that the ets get clogged. I have an Epsonthat has problems all the time. I use the cleaning utility but it never seems to actually print right. My printer is pretty old, though. People with newer printers seem to be getting better results. I wouldn't expect one cleaning to necessarily be enough. With my Epson, sometimes it takes 2-3 tmes to get the nozzles working right. Unfortunately, that uses a lot of ink. But if one cleaning asn't worked, try a couple more.

    Hope that helps. Sorry I don't know more about your printer. I have an hp photosmart 7960 test printer in the office right now. It hasn't given me ay trouble at all. But I haven't printed very much with it, either.
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