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    How to present photo?

    I am going to rent space in a local antique mall and sell some prints when I get enough of them ready. How should I present my photos? Framed and Matted, just the print on cardboard in shrink wrap? 8X10's and 5X7's or just a little of all. What has worked best for you pro's?

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    Re: How to present photo?

    I usually see a lot of matted and framed prints at art shows, but at least as many matted prints in clear plastic bags that are ready for framing. Some people have their own taste in framing and will want something different than what you've got. If you do frame some of the prints, you might want to stick with something easy like a Neilsen aluminum frame. Photo John turned me onto American Frame, and they're very easy to deal with. You might find pre-cut mats locally or eventually get your own mat cutter and do them yourself, especially for custom sizes.

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    Re: How to present photo?

    I've talked to some local photogs who sell prints in some of the local shops, as well as farmers markets and things like that. They usually by precut mats, and inexpensive frames from Wal-mart. They look OK. They also get a lot of 4x6 prints and mount them on greeting cards and sell them individually or in packs of 5 or so. The greeting cards always sell better than the framed prints.

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    Re: How to present photo?

    I have also been helping out my brother in selling his art works and we buy online through a precut mats and a protective clear cello bags as best way to make the art works more presentable and in good condition for our prospected buyers.

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    Re: How to present photo?

    Well, it would be YOUR gig, so I'd say do it how you want it. I don't think there is any right or wrong way, I've seen it done both ways and even mixed a bit. Personally, I think it would be ideal to have a bit of both, some matted and framed, some just pressed to mounting board. Thats my humble opinion anyway, congrats on your entrepreneurship, best of luck.
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    Re: How to present photo?

    Just offer the prints framed, matted, or unmounted also you can offer special orders for custom sizes. Precut mattes are not costly and on the matted prints give the buyer the option to pick from a selection of mattes.

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