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Thread: HDR software

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    HDR software

    Are there any free versions that work well?

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    Re: HDR software

    Photomatix is a good one, but it watermarks your photos unless you buy it.

    You could do it the correct way and create the HDR inside of Photoshop.
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    Re: HDR software

    Didn't know that was the "correct" way.

    As far as I'm concerned Photomatix is just as correct and does a much better job than Photoshop. Nik HDR Efex is a newcomer. I am currently trying it side by side with Photomatix, they both have pluses and minuses. They both work quite well. I still lean toward Photomatix right now, probably because that's what I've been using for some time now.
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    Re: HDR software

    most HDR shots i have seen was made by Photomatix

    creates great HDR images and has great control over the image

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    Re: HDR software

    I use Paintshop Pro X3.

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    Re: HDR software

    I use both photomatix and nik efx. I'm pretty comfortable with both, and do think that nik haves a better UI, and I really like being able to use it directly from bridge or photoshop.
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    Re: HDR software

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