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Thread: HDR Software

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    HDR Software

    I am running Photoshop Elements 7. Is there a plug-in program for HDR imaging that is compatable with Elements 7? Or, is HDR software basically "stand-alone"? Does anyone have any suggestions for a hobbyist like me? What HDR software do you use? The write-ups I have read mention an alignment tool (or lack of one). Is the alignment tool a "make or break" issue? Are there detailed instructions somewhere on how to do this manually in Elements 7? Please advise.

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    Re: HDR Software

    I don't know much about PE, so I won't try to advise you on that. I personally use photomatix, which is a standalone program that also offers plugins for lightroom and PSCS. The alignment tool is handy if say you're out and about sans tripod, but see something that would make a great hdr image, so you try to hold still while you get a burst of 3 bracketed shots, but we know they won't be alignment to the rescue. I'm also a hobbyist, but I do like to have the good stuff on hand if I can.
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