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    Thumbs up Having card issues with my Nikon D5000

    I apologize if Iím having a blond moment but this issue just started happening. I have a Sandisk Ultra 4GB memory card. Now my problem is I have been taking recent pictures with plenty of extra memory space. Thing is, I try to upload them and they dont show. It shows all of my older previous pictures fine but NONE of the new ones taken after. My camera is in golden condition and Iíve had her for about 2 1/2 years. Never been injured, scratched or any thing spilled on that I know of. All the settings seems to be normal, I donít like to mess with it much. Although some times when it resets itself I get lazy and I speed through the date settings :3 but i still have gone through every single picture to not find any of he new ones ive taken.

    Ive tried on other computers and its the same thing. But when I view them on the camera they are still there. Not sure if its the card since its ďkindaĒ old or the settings on the camera changed some how. Hope some one can help me with this annoying problem. many thanks and happy holidays. <3

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    Re: Having card issues with my Nikon D5000

    It sounds like your card is corrupted. Get a new card and see if the result is the same. If it is OK then carry on with the new card. You might be able to get your pictures back on the old one by using rescue software.

    Have you tried plugging the camera directly into the computer using a USB cable and using the camera to read the card?

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    Re: Having card issues with my Nikon D5000

    Try a different memory reader. If they are able to be read by your camera, then they are in fact there and not corrupted. The fact that the problem happens on multiple computers eliminates the possibility of computer issue. Ergo, the problem is in the interface you use to connect it to the computer.
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    Re: Having card issues with my Nikon D5000

    If your reader isn't capable of seeing SDHD cards, I'm not sure if it would read the first 2GB and stop, or if it wouldn't see the card at all. That may be the issue. Complete guess, really.

    You should be able to leave the card in the camera and connect by USB to the PC, and see the camera as an external drive, then copy from it. I'd bet the full library of pictures would be available.

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    Re: Having card issues with my Nikon D5000

    Also check for other directories, as some times my D70 will put the photos in a new directory.

    The Old Card reader I had, would not even read any of the SDHD cards.

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