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    Smile Food photos for a menu ????

    Hello everyone,

    I've been asked to do some photos for a New local Taco Shop.
    I'm very 'New' at this stuff and anything to shorten my learning curve will help a ton.

    My question is this:Along with my D700.
    I've got the following lens to choose from:

    Along with the Menu shots, I'm also going to be covering the 'Grand Opening' too.

    Thanks for all your help!!!

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    Re: Food photos for a menu ????

    See if you can get a 35-75mm zoom. You do not need a fast lens unless it's in the evening. But for most of the shots your 50mm lens should do just fine, The 14-24 is a little wide, on a full frame camera, for the Taco Shop shoot, unless it's being used in the DX mode.

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    Re: Food photos for a menu ????

    You don't need zooms to shoot food. Choose for high aperture. Also, try macro lenses. With them, you can make very interesting shots.

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    Re: Food photos for a menu ????

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