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Family Quotes
No family is perfect..we argue, we don't agree. Or even stop talking from time to time But in the end, a family is a family .. Love will always be the same.
On the day we feel bad The one who won't leave us for sure is our parents.
The house is already happy. No need for a big back As long as there is a warm family inside, it is enough.
The warmth of the family is not the number of people in it. But is the understanding that has
On the night of the "darkest" sky we can see the "clearest" star and which day we "The most suffering", we will see that "Who loves us the most?"
"Some" are already "fun", but when we are "unhappy", they "never free" "someone" is with it, maybe "boring". "Always free"
A child's best immune system is "family love".
Discouraged from work Always thought that there are still people waiting for us at home.
Parents do everything because they want to see us be happy. Then why do we sit in suffering because of others?
Every time I feel bad Mom's embrace is always by my side.
Discouraged time The first person that comes to mind is mother. The first place you want to go is home, and work you do all your life. But your child will be a child for you to hug shortly. So take time for your child So that happiness stays with you and your children the whole life
Family is about loving, caring, helping and xoslot being for each other during the good and the bad times.
Peace starts from within the family.
The best feeling in the world is knowing that your family is smiling because of you.
Any happiness is not as the parents and children are ready to live.
Couple life is not happy every day. Let's just not abandon each other on the day of suffering.
Families are like trees. We may raise branches in different directions. But do not forget that we grow from the same tree and root.