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Of course, while you are experiencing something uncomfortable. Sometimes these stories can affect how hard your nervous system and brain work. Cause to be Insomnia And may lead to degradation of health. Hello, the doctor would like to bring a solution to insomnia. By bringing everyone to exercise before bed at the same time
Causes of insomnia
Insomnia It is one of the sleep disorders that everyone can experience at any time. Until sometimes you lose your energy And tired to carry out various activities On the next day Which the main cause Causing insomnia Is as follows
Improper sleep regime
Sometimes insomnia can come on your own. Even in the present day, there are many media that make you addicted until you skip bedtime, such as playing mobile phone, watching movies, playing computer Until it makes your sleep schedule that has been practiced messing up And difficult to adapt if you want to come back to sleep at the same time again
Stress if you can deal with it slowly. It would not have any effect on your sleep. But if you find a way to relax. And the story in your head isn't that It may cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Until it makes you feel restless Not full sleep And eventually resulting in cumulative exhaustion
Accidentally taking a nap from eating too much
Eating the full amount of food that your stomach is bulging. It may cause you to experience sudden drowsiness over time. Or, as they say, to the point of saying, "The stomach is tight, the eyelids are slack," making you need to sneak up on a snooze right away. This behavior is another thing that leads to Insomnia During the night time. Because it has been lying down for several hours during the day

Eating caffeine drinks Or alcohol
Whether it is coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages Potentially intrinsic substances like caffeine can interfere with certain neurological functions that make it difficult for you to sleep at night.It is best to avoid these drinks in the afternoon. Or in the evening will be the best result ambbet