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    Dslr camera to buy

    My daughter really enjoys taking pictures. She wants to get a dslr camera that will last her for a while. This would be her first dslr, but she has a very good eye. her price range would be from $500 to $800 and is willing to get a used one. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Dslr camera to buy

    It would help to know how knowledgeable about camera settings and if she is looking to spend the time to learn more about how to use the camera. Another thing to consider is what she's going to be taking pictures of. One thing that gets mentioned a lot is to go to a reputable camera store and try a few out and then come back here with some ideas that you get from there.

    I use the Nikon D90. It's my first DSLR and I'm still learning much about it. It's been a great camera and I think it's a camera that is easy to learn, but also can compete with some of the best. I've seen them used with the kit Nikon 18-105mm lens within your price range.
    Feel free to edit my images, just let me know what you did.

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    Re: Dslr camera to buy

    Go to a local camera store, not a "big boy" chain, you most likely get better service, also KLH, B&H or Adorama cameras have good reputations. Other wise be very careful if purchasing non-locally.

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