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    Developing E6(35mm and 6x4.5)

    Hi, I've been looking into developing my own slide film at home for a number of reasons, cost and rarity of medium format developers being at the top of the list. From what I have been reading it's a very simple process that just requires putting the film through the right chemicals in the right order for the right time and temperature. The Kodak Single Use E6 kit seems to be perfect for this. So far, my proposed darkroom only includes the following:
    - Jobo developing canister
    - Film Squeegee
    - Fish tank heater(keep the chemicals around 100.4 deg F)
    - Thermometer
    - And assorted trays and measuring cups

    All in all this equipment seems to be around $100, and will probably last forever for my puposes. Then the chemical kit makes 5 liters of solution, and the whole thing can develop about 30-40 35mm rolls or about 15 220 rolls. This puts the cost per roll of 35mm at about 1.40/roll and 220 at 3/roll... Not bad considering the best price I have found so far for 220 is $7.50... What I'm looking for is really just anyone who has had past experience with this? Does this sound right? And I'm still a bit sketchy on how the roll is put into the developing canister, should I do it in a darkroom setting, or will a garbage bag suffice? Any comments on this process would be greatly appreciated, thanks. And for reference, I am using the following web site for most of my information:

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    Never tried E6 because I had a local place that did it - their quality is slipping so I stopped using them and go to a place that sends it out. Anyhow, I was always nervous about the temperatures. "Around 100.4 deg" probably isn't close enough, I've heard it's plus or minus 1/2 degree for consistency. And a garbage bag isn't going to cut it either - get a changing bag like this:

    Changing bags come in different sizes, but the bigger the better. Mine is one size smaller than this which I use for small tank B&W and it seems OK.

    As long as you can keep everything very consistent - more crucial than b&w - then give it a try. FWIW, the local place was charging $9 for 35mm and $5 for 120.

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