We may take good care of our health. But it is not a guarantee that it will be safe from enduring ailments such as emergency heart disease. That happened suddenly New year party The symptoms of heart disease come up. Even though we have never been diagnosed with any abnormality before, if we are at risk we may face the disease.
Chat Thanong Yodwut, Cardiologist Bangkok Heart Hospital said that Holiday Heart Syndrome was directly related to young people who had little rest, lack of sleep, and party for many nights. Especially people who drink large amounts of alcohol quickly. Or continuously for several days, so in order to prevent such conditions before they happen unexpectedly. You should know the risk factors before they fall into the risk group or not. May require a physical examination And investigate those risks as well
Heart disease risk groups
Heart disease that occurs suddenly, such as an emergency Even if no abnormality was detected before But with just the risk of having that condition Found that even without symptoms brought before But having a history of risk, it may be exposed to certain conditions such as
1. Plaque rupture of sudden coronary artery disease (ST elevation myocardial infarction) is found to have a high risk of vascular disease, whether in older men. In combination with high blood pressure High blood fat, diabetes, smoking, inactivity, obesity, accumulated stress. Or may have a family history of angina The symptoms of this disease may occur suddenly and suddenly, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, pacifier, ruptured jaw or arm, sweating, palpitations, and may be seen during physical exertion or exercise.
2. Dissecting Aortic aneurysm, in which the risk factors are similar to sudden coronary artery disease. Or superslot there may be a history of early detection of aortic aneurysm. Or there may be a problem in the arteries in other parts of the body, narrowing before, etc. The symptoms of this disease are The pain in the middle of the chest suddenly came up. And has symptoms of tightness through the fracture to the back as well
3. Heart arrhythmias, sudden arrhythmia (Acute Atrial fibrillation or Holiday heart syndrome) is a sudden cardiac arrhythmia. May be found in people who have a little rest, sleep deprivation, and party for many nights Drinking large amounts of alcohol for several days The patient will experience tremors, loss of consciousness, fainting. And the pulse is not rhythmic