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    cleaning lenses?

    I borrowed my dad's old nikkor 1.4 50mm (40-50 years old maybe?). It's full of dust it seems, although I don't think it's affecting the IQ too much. Anyway to clean these out w/o taking it apart?
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    Re: cleaning lenses?

    Without taking it apart means exterior clean only, obviously. Rocket blower and brush to remove particles on the casing, and rocket blower and lens pen for the glass.


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    Re: cleaning lenses?

    Do not take apart any lens, as there are special jigs to reassemble the lens (aperture, leakages, and etc)

    The dust in the lens will cause mainly loss of contrast. If you are not happy then send to lens in to the service center for a cleaning and service. Most camera repair places should be able to clean you lens without sending it to Nikon.

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