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    Chromazone Metering

    Ran across the mention of "chromazone metering" while reading reviews of the Nikon D100. Anyone out there had any experience with this method? Exactly what is this system? Is it practical? Does it work, or is it just another "gimmick"?
    Go to - to see what I am talking about. Is it worth buying this product (color cards, instructional video, etc.)? Any opinions from someone who has ACTUALLY USED THIS SYSTEM?

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    $60 grey card!

    This is a repackaged version of the original zone system. Save your money, go to the library and find this book. Or if you really want to understand color and light get this book.

    While I have not used the Chromazone system I do recognize nonsense when I see it.
    Basing a given exposure on color hues is only as good as the photographers sense of color. Besides, there is no such thing as perfect exposure every time when shooting under natural light.
    Fred Archer and Ansel Adams did a great job of defining exposure based on tonality (look up the definitions of the individual zones and you will see what I mean). Regardless of what color you are looking at it is possible to place any tonality anywhere on the zone scale.
    Don't give up your creative control with this lame interpretation (Chromazone) of the real deal.


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    Only you can decide

    Seeing the only reply to this note so inspired me, I had to JOIN the friggin' forum just to know you didn't write this off based on one opinion from someone who's never even used the system.

    For anyone who's blessed enough to SEE in gray-scale tones, the system would indeed be a waste. The value of the Chromazone system in my opinion is in helping us to understand and develop familiarity with what the real (color) world equivalents of 18% gray and other tones really are.

    After reading some good reviews on another forum:

    I've ordered the system to try. I've been using the Zone system as taught by Ansel Adams for 25 years, and adapted it to the limited contrast range of color slide films myself. But I still see value in getting familiar with how those gray scale tones are represented by color tones.

    It may not be the right thing for everyone. Most especially, people who already know everything won't be able to learn anything from this book or system. But, If you're open to trying new things, you'll almost certainly take away SOMETHING of value from any new experience. Life is a lot sweeter lived that way. ;)

    And in some cases, I'm sure some people can recoup the cost of the system in a few months worth of avoiding the need to bracket and waste film and processing.

    Any way, read the discussion in the link above and make a more informed decision.

    -Dave G

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