hello, everyone. i'm familiar with non-digital 35mm camera operations pretty well, but not digital. at the moment i'm considering getting the canon s1 is 3.0mp, 10x zoom. i won't be taking alot of photo's and what i do will be taken in the highest jpeg resolution [and ultimately made into largely 4x6 prints]. the following i need direction on. please answer in order-
1- a best buy sales person advised me to get a sandisk 60x or ultra compact flash card for this camera. is he right? or is there a better alternative?
2- what mb size card would you suggest? i've been considering getting either two 256mb cards or one 512mb. would two 256mb cards be better in case one ever had camera problems or it was stolen?
3- is it best to buy a read/write card reader to download the camera photo's to my computer? or use the camera batteries to do the job? what are some recommended ones?
4- what are reasonable priced nimh aa battery chargers brands to buy to charge 4 aa nimh batteries at one time? is the 60-160 minute maha c204f nimh rapid charger for $23.57 or the 1 hour ray-o-vac ps4 for $29.00 suitable?
5- is it best to buy 2400mah batteries?
6- is there anything to be aware of in buying any of the above off of e-bay?
7- i know essentially nothing about the above accessories. please advise.
8- thank you-