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    Smile Can you get a lens adaptor for tokina 28mm to fit an olymus e-500dslr?

    Hi everyone. Do you know if you can get an adaptor for a Tokina 28mm to make it fit an Olympus e-500 DSLR? New wide angle lenses cost the earth and I had very good results with this lens in pre-digital days.

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    Re: Can you get a lens adaptor for tokina 28mm to fit an olymus e-500dslr?

    First off, 28mm is not wide on the four thirds cameras. That 2:1 crop factor is probably what makes wide-angle so pricey.

    That said, I found this site (clicky), which might be some help. I couldn't tell you if you can still get any of these adapters; most adapters I see for sale are for the micro four thirds, which is different.

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