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    beginners question focus issue with Kodak C533

    New to this forum and digital photography, so was hoping someone here could help me a bit

    I got my camera a few weeks ago, and had a nagging feeling about the focus not being as good as it could be, I've taken quite a few photos and is seems that more often than not, even when the main part of the image is in focus, the left edge isn't quite as sharp. I say more often than not, because I have to put at least a few blurry photos down to me being new at this. but is there any reason that a photo of something should look sharp in the centre and not so at the edge of the photo if it's the same distance away or even further back in the case of a building.

    Just not sure if I'm being over critical of the images or asking to much from a cheap camera.

    uploaded a couple of pictures

    and here

    Thanks for any advice or answers.
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