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    Hello again guys!
    A neighbor of mine offered to give me their Canon Elan 7N. They said they didn't use it and they were moving and it would probably get lost anyway. I told him thank you and accepted it, what should my set up be. I know I'll need a flash but is there any specific lenses I should focus on, specific flashes, just a list or if there's a package. Thanks.
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    Well I'm pretty new at this, but how much are you willing to spend? What kind of pictures are you going to be taking? Is the pop-up flash not enough for you and that's why you need to buy a flash? I guess there is one good piece of advice is that don't buy anything until you are often restricted in your photography without it. Or else you'll be spending lots of money! A good lens to have would probably just be a 28-80mm (or 90mm, 105mm, 135mm) zoom so you get a pretty useable range. I personally have the kit lens that came with the Rebel Ti (28-90mm), and borrowed from my uncle: 50mm f1.8, 75-300mm f4-5.6 USM, and a Speedlite 200E. Your setup should be what you need, which depends on what you shoot, so shoot around a bit to see what you need.

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