Most women do not care. "The size of the penis as big or small" because every size can make superslot wallet women have orgasms as well.
The penis may be bent up, down, tilted, left and right, at different angles. This is not unusual or scary. As long as it can maintain a good erection. And able to have sex normally
Erectile dysfunction It may arise for mental or physical causes Which physical problems may be related such as diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism, hardened arteries Vascular disease And neurological diseases
Dr. Chotirat Boonyakiat, Urology Specialist Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital states that the "penis" is what nature has given us to carry out the sex operation. The penis, or "lord", was built to extend beyond the body 700,000 years ago, it may be understood The human genitals have a central bone. Scientists are not sure What is the function of the bone in the penis? But it should help to have sex very quickly. Do not wait for erection When evolution changed, the bones in the “lord of the world” disappeared today. If the body is not healthy Abnormal blood flow It will not be able to have an erection or lead to sex. In addition, the miracle of nature also designed the scrotum, which is responsible for the sperm formation. Protrudes outside the body as well, due to improper body temperature Or too hot will cause decreased sperm production.
Most of the development of the penis is from the same tissue in the embryo. Like the female clitoris The surrounding skin of the penis and urethra It comes from the same embryo that develops into the female labia. An erection is an erection and rise of the penis. Which will occur during sexual arousal But it can also happen when there is no sexual arousal.

Short or small penis
To measure the size of "hegemony", research by The British Journal Of Urology randomly surveyed at least 50 men aged 17 and over per nation. The average erect length of the brother was 5.16 inches (13.12 centimeters) and the average circumference was 4.59 inches (11.66 centimeters). The largest nation, Congo, was 7.1 inches. The report says it is about 4 inches. The size of the penis is either larger or smaller depending on genetics. And exposure to chemicals or pollution of the mother to her child during pregnancy
Several survey results said Most women do not care whether the masters of the world are big or small. Because any size can bring women to orgasm too, unless your size is very small. Until unable to insert into the vagina Most importantly, it is more style and foreplay than it makes a woman more excited and emotional.
Research from The British Journal Of Urology, despite the short hegemony But if there is a girth wide enough (average 4.59 inches, or 11.66 centimeters) to get into the senses around the vulva and the inner vaginal wall, more than 90% of women prefer the super-wide hegemony. Because it can create more happiness than a long size, so short is okay. Please be wide enough
If your brother is very small But enough to have sex We can focus on the appearance, such as taking good shape. And take great care of our loved ones I believe that most women will not care about it at all.