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    airport x-ray machine & undeveloped film

    i took 27 pictures on a 35mm disposable camera and i was wondering do i have to develope the film before i go thru and airport x-ray machine or what ever kind of machine i go thru??

    if i leave the film in the camera and dont develope it and leave it to be developed when i get home will the film get ruined when i go thru thru airport x-ray machines????

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    Airport "X-Ray" Machines

    If you leave it in your checked luggage it's probably all over. The machines that scan checked bags are set on "scald" and "fry." If you carry it on however, you have a different story. DOMESTIC carry on rules require the Klingons at the gate to "hand check" film upon request. In reality however, a hand check will frequently require you to have some sort of an altercation with the gatekeeper and a probable referral up the ranks to his/her supervisor. Very time consuming - and aggravating. (I have never - repeat, never - had the gate rent-a-cops accede to my request for a hand check. Maybe I have a felonious look about me; maybe I'm just unlucky; maybe...) You will be told that film rated below ISO 800 is perfectly safe. So far, so good in my case, but I always wonder about cumulative effects if you pass the film thru multiple scanners at multiple airports.

    If you have access to an "X-Ray Pouch," use it. This is my version of "escalation of hostilities" because their little machine can't penetrate the bag and it almost forces a hand check. Your problem is a little different however, because you have the disposable camera box. I'm betting that they put it thru the machine anyway. Should be OK if not high speed film. Good luck.

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    Careful about those x-ray bags, the new machines can increase gain to be able to punch through them. If they see an item that blocks their view, they are likely to boost power, and if they get through those bags your film is toast.

    Best bet, develop it before you leave. You don't have to get prints, just have them develop the negs and give you the sheet or even an uncut roll. It's cheap that way and you can put the negs just about anywhere and x-rays won't damage them.

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    Like everyone else has alreay said - do not put it in checked baggage. I've never had a problem with up to 400 speed film (fastest I usually carry), even after a few runs thru the x-ray. What I have done is to put all my film into a separate bag (non-xray type, maybe a ziploc even) and run that thru the machine after my camera bag. They'll stop the belt to really check out my camera bag (all those cords and batteries probably look suspicious) but the film won't be in there when they do it. The film just sails right through unharmed.

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