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    Try that with a Hard Drive

    Came across this in the "I Shoot Film" group on Flickr, figured you folks would enjoy it also...
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    Re: Try that with a Hard Drive

    Thanks neat story.

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    Re: Try that with a Hard Drive

    Quote Originally Posted by Axle
    Came across this in the "I Shoot Film" group on Flickr, figured you folks would enjoy it also...
    Unfortunately a lot of misinformation in the story. I've electronic storage media from the 1970's that is still viable. It has been properly cared for admittedly, and it gets 'checked' from time to time but there's no real reason that it shouldn't last. Hard drives from 'that' era were brutes and are very difficult to damage..

    Cool story and photo though about Dylan.

    Now rediscovering what the format may have been and finding gear to read the data from that era, that could be a very difficult problem!!
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    Re: Try that with a Hard Drive

    Yeah, you also have to keep the old computer and interface card to read the old disks.
    Which is why an occasional upgrade copy (floppy -> CD for example) is a good idea.

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    Re: Try that with a Hard Drive

    I never did understand the rivalry between digital and film. To be honest, all media have their benefits. For example, film is capable of holding detail in highlights to a much better degree than digital. Digital can, and I do say can, be sharper and more detailed. Who cares how a picture ahs been captured? If its a great picture, its a great picture, regardless of its scource.


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