I have a 35 mm Zenit camera which came with its standard Helios lens. It has a unique M42 thread mount which has a 42 mm diameter. I also have some Nikons which of course have a bayonet/T-mount style mounts.

I have seen many forums which ask for adapters to put old M42 threaded lenses onto newer DSLR bayonet/T-mount bodies. This is not the case.

I wish to do the opposite; to find a simple adapter to put my Nikon bayonet/T-mount lenses onto my M42 threaded Zenit EM. This means that this adapter needs a 42 mm M42 male thread (that of the Zenit lens) on one side, & a bayonet/T-mount (that of the Nikon body) on the other.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you could find this adapter somewhere to purchase online, or at least reassure me that there's one in existence, I would be eternally grateful!