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Thread: Need Help!

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    Need Help!

    I recently got an old camera from a friend of mine to sell for him. It's a Chinon CE-4, I have a few different lenses for it as well as a leather carrying case. I was wondering if someone can help me in terms of exactly what lenses these are as well as what I should do with it...sell it as a package or individual items...

    Its the Chinon CE-4

    First lens says Sakar Automatic 1:2.8 f=28mm 58* no. 399832
    second says Huya HMC 58mm Skylight (1b)
    third one is huge, vivitar 75-205mm 1:3.8 close focusing auto zoom no. 22739419 *58mm
    Fourth says Mirage 1:2.8 f=135mm no. 8031465

    last i have a flash, its a vivitar zoom thyristor 285.

    someone please help me out. i have no idea what i have sitting in front of me here...

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    Re: Need Help!

    I think it's an aperture-priority auto-exposure camera. (You set the f-stop, it sets the shutter.) You would be able to set it fully manual as well. It takes lenses with the Pentax bayonet mount, which was a popular "standard" back in the day for cameras that weren't Canon, Minolta, or Nikon.

    Your first lens is a wide-angle lens, good for tight spaces or landscapes.
    Your second "lens" actually sounds like a filter. If it's not just a metal ring with glass in it and is actually attached to a lens, then it unscrews and you can read the lens info under it. I'm betting it's sitting on a 50mm lens, probably either f:2 or f:1.7.
    Your third lens is a telephoto zoom of a very popular range at the time, and yes, it's probably a hefty chunk of metal and glass.
    The fourth one is a telephoto lens, which gives about the same picture as the zoom lens would if it were set about halfway. The advantage of the fixed 135mm lens is that it's lighter, but also that it's faster (the f-number is smaller.)
    The flash is pretty standard kit for the day as well. I'd imagine it has at least two auto-flash ranges, and a big dial on the back to match film speed to f-stop.

    It's probably not worth a hundred bucks all together. It was a basic no-frills off-brand camera when it was brand new, and in this digital age it would only be of interest to collectors, but it's not exactly collectible.

    My best advice would be to eBay it and see what happens. If you're not an eBay user, than try craigslist in your area. It's gonna be a hard sell, though.

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    Re: Need Help!

    It used to be possible to search ebay for auctions that have ended. You could look to see what the last couple examples of that camera have sold for.

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