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    Light for Darkroom?

    For developing paper, what kind of bulb would I use? I have a 25 watt red bulb but I dont know if that would be the right one to use. I need one that I can just get at a hardware store.

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    Re: Light for Darkroom?

    You need special darkroom bulbs.
    Or low wattage bulbs in darkroom lamp enclosures (which have dark filters).
    Which one depends on the kind of paper you're using.

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    Re: Light for Darkroom?

    Paul is right, you will need a low wattage bulb. My darkroom light uses a 15w bulb IIRC and the red glass for the light is pretty thick, so the light levels are really low. Only way to know is to do a fog test for your paper. Leave an unexposed sheet of paper out for a good 5 minutes under darkroom light conditions, then develop. If it is fogged, your light is too bright. I'm not sure hwat bulb exactly you are using but with some colored lights I have seen, the coloring doesn't go all the way to the screw mount, leaving some a little uncolored glass. Save yourself the headache and just order a Patterson safelight online. They are acheap and work great for a small darkroom.
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    Light for Darkroom

    That depends on how much power you are pulling from it, if you are using all 1500 watts 3- 500 watt lights it only lasts for 1 hour.

    and yes, i agree that this generator is the best deal, its pretty quiet too, especially when used in an open area.

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    Re: Light for Darkroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xia_Ke
    Save yourself the headache and just order a Patterson safelight online. They are acheap and work great for a small darkroom.
    My friend with a darkroom did the exact same thing.

    Also: You cannot get a Darkroom light bulb from a hardware store. In fact if you ask, they may look at you funny. "Darkroom light? wouldn't that defeat the purpose?"
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