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    HD video camera questions/advice

    Hi guys. I'll get to the point.

    I am using a tape based video camera and upload video via firewire.

    I want to come out of the stone ages and upgrade to HD, however, I do not know if HD cameras upload video the same way (I have Studio 14 HD) as the tape-based cameras do.

    I am currently looking at HD cameras on new eggs, but want to come to the experts on this.


    1) How do HD cameras work in relation to tape based cameras in respect to uploading video (and can I even edit said videos JUST like tape-based video?) If yes, then what type of ports/wire do I need?

    2) What type of camera do yall reccomend, I am currently looking at


    It has been a WHILE since I bought a video camera. My budget is...say 300. I want a camera that has obvious better picture than a tape-based one, and better sound pickup.

    Thanks for taking the time for reading my post, and I apologize for any "noob" questions.

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    Re: HD video camera questions/advice


    1) When it comes to uploading video, it'll be through either a USB cable and/or SD card. USB ports are standard, and if your computer is lacking an SD slot then you can buy SD card readers for next to nothing. The key difference is that instead of 'capturing' the footage in programs such as Final Cut/Movie Maker/whatever your preference, you'll simply find the device and import using its native software, or just drag and drop the video files (usually .avi or .mpg).

    2) Bear in mind that because a video camera is HD, it won't necessarily be particularly good quality. Many cheap HD camcorders look pretty good in bright daylight but look poor in low lighting situations.

    I would say most cameras in the $300 price bracket will be more or less the same - if you're looking for decent quality under all manners of lighting then you might need to stretch to $400-$500.

    As far as sound goes, most come with a built in mono mic. There won't be much difference in quality between your current camcorder and your new one, but microphone attachments/external audio recorder can be purchased if you're serious about sound.

    Hope this helps!

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