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    Exposure compesation EV +/- HELP!

    I own Minolta maxxum 600si film slr camera, and i wanted to shoot long exposures using B&W Ilford FP4 plus 125 iso film. With normal exposure, after sunset i was getting like 5 to 10 seconds max at f/22. I found out that there is a ring EV +/-, so i turnet the ring to +3 (it is 'plus' 3, not 'minus', and that confused me) and that allowed me to have exposure from 20 to 30 seconds.

    My question is: Does this change on EV with +3 have familiar with PUSH or PULL development process, so i will need to make the development longer for 3 stops or shorter? Did i decrease the sensitivity of the film for 3 stops or increase it?

    And, does this affect the final image on quality, maybe the picture will be underexposed or overexposed?

    I have a picture also, this is from the model Dynax but it's the same
    I pushed the ring to +3 (it is on the right side, above the name 'Dynax')

    I will be very glad if someone help me!

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    Re: Exposure compesation EV +/- HELP!

    Yes, you overexposed it three stops. I think that means you will have to pull the film:idea: You were using the cameras metering system?
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    Re: Exposure compesation EV +/- HELP!

    lots of variables going on here and all of it has to do with film density. yes you can modify the results of film processing by varying time chemicals are used or by the amount of light allowed to reach the film. As you probably know EV stands for Exposure Equivalent. Many lenses allow you to modify the f stop (aperture) and Shutter speed independently. However, some lenses (Hasselblad with its compur shutter) allow you move both settings together using a locking ring, hence the term EV. That's because f8 at 125/sec is equivalent to f16 at 60/sec and so forth. When you move the EV dial + or - then you are essentially doing the same thing. Obviously, pushing/pulling the processing times will produce similiar results but then it is applied to the entire roll of film. One thing to keep in mind is reciprocity for long exposures. There is a great article on wikipedia about that. And, for getting great detail out of shadows look for information on using the Zone System. Hope that was helpful. Kevin

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