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    Digitalize or not?

    Hello everybody!

    I am going back to my old hobby of photography and started to shoot on film again.
    Times changed and now it seems like most labs process your film, and then scan it and make digital prints. So, a couple of questions:
    Are there any labs still doing traditional optical prints?
    If yes, does it make a difference?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Digitalize or not?

    If I understand the Q, you mean with traditional enlarger printing (?) I would guess that there's a few labs out there that will still do it, but not many: most have switched to digital printing where they scan the negative or slide, then print that.

    I think that traditional printing certainly looks different. They're better in some ways but worse in others. I think one of the biggest benefits of digital is that it allows one to clean up their work (remove telephone lines, etc) before printing, so since you can't do that in regular negative printing it's inherently going to look less refined.

    Good luck chemist ! I also have film cameras (3) and still shoot film every now and then, but have a film scanner.

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    Re: Digitalize or not?

    I really like the way of your writing. Just awesome. ;)

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    Re: Digitalize or not?

    Sorry, i do not know

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