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    Would a Canon GL-2 be considered dead ?

    I ask since the rage now is and will continue to be going HD it seems. I don't see that the GL-2 is HD but I saw some really nice footage from one, footage that I consider to be realistically believable. Seems to me it outperforms say the Canon HV-20, I assume a function of sensor arrangement. Course then I'm not looking at footage on HD screens either.

    Just curious, we continue to ponder the whole video thing, reading and learning at this point.


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    Re: Would a Canon GL-2 be considered dead ?

    Although I shoot mostly Sony and now some Panasonic, I have used the GL2 and thought it a pretty good camcorder. A lot of folks are currently shooting with the smaller, single chip HD cams, but personally I'll take the 3 chip SD over the single HD.
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    Re: Would a Canon GL-2 be considered dead ?

    I just love my Canon HV20!

    Here is some 'run and gun' vacation video in Death Valley California.

    It was taken with the HV20 and edited with Sony Vegas 7.

    BTW, I'm not sharing this sample on trying to sell you the HV20. I just wanted to share.

    David, what are you going to do with the video camera?
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