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    Video editing software


    I have been playing around with the D90,I have a video that turned out not to bad.I would like to post it here @ PR but it's just a tad over the 100MB limit...103 MB to be exact. I'm really surprised that I can't edit in-camera.
    My Canon S1iS lets me post-edit video to my hearts desire.

    It would be very helpful if anyone has recommendations. I do have the Apple Quicktime player installed, the pro update is only $30.00.Will that do? Does windows XP have a movie maker program? Again,I'm a total rookie.Thanks,


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    Re: Video editing software

    I've been using Windows Movie Maker. It's a free download and it's pretty powerful. It can definitely resize your videos so you can post them in our video player. That's how I got the Nikon Coolpix P6000 box opening video posted. It was shot with a D90 and edited with Windows Movie Maker.

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    Re: Video editing software

    like pj said windows movie maker will get you started no problems. when you start to run into the limitations of that program (its like comparing paint to photoshop) then pinnacle and vegas lite are good options for little $ moving up Adobe premier, final cut and avid are the photoshops of the video world but they have the pricetag. It sounds silly but you can often buy a firewire card for less than $20 and it will come with a full version of studio 8 or something similar which is a great cheap way to step up from movie maker (even if you don't need the firewire card which you can probably ebay and end up paying nothing)

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