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    Video CD Quality?

    My problem is the quality of a home-made video on a CD when replayed on a DVD player.

    What I am doing is making a video using a Canon Powershot S2 digital camera with a 1GB multi-media memory card.

    When I replay the video from the camera to a TV, the quality is great! So I know the camera is working fine.

    I have made 3 video burns onto a CD and all the video quality has been cleary reduced when viewed from the CD. My camera has four resolution settings. My last video was using the cameras' best resolution (640 x 320 @ 30 fps).

    My first two burns occured like this: I would place the memory card into my computers' card reader, open NERO Express 5.5, select "video CD", tell NERO to look at the card reader, encoding would occur, then the CD was burned. When I would replay the CD in a DVD player, the video quality is reduced and the audio was like 2 seconds either early or behind the video actions.

    The third burn was done a little differently. I copied the video from the memory card to my computer first, removed the card and then went thru the same NERO procedure. When viewing this CD, the audio was now correct, but the video quality was still reduced.

    When using NERO for all burns, this box occurs when selecting the video from either the card or within the computer: internal error in CVCDDOC::IsProperMediaItem:E:\DCIM\849CANON\MVI_49 81.THM there is also an exclamation icon in the box along with an OK button in the box. If I select OK, NERO continues and the burn occurs.

    My computer uses Windows XP Pro and does not have a DVD burner.

    I have used NERO many times over the years to make a music CD or to place pictures onto a CD with no problems.

    I am wondering if I need to use different software.

    Help, Tim

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    Re: Video CD Quality?

    Nero is doing a couple of things here that are automatically set up when you select "Video CD". First, it is encoding the video at a MUCH lower bit rate than the original. This is done because of the limited storage size of the disc. The second thing it does is reduce the frame rate. This is also to reduce the size of the output file. I think you can make adjustments in Nero to tweak this a bit. A good place to get info/SW for this type of thing is "". There are MANY other SW apps to do this with and some of them allow much more control.
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    Re: Video CD Quality?

    Quote Originally Posted by 97Suburban
    My computer uses Windows XP Pro and does not have a DVD burner.
    Not to hijack the thread, but you can get a good dvd burner for about $30 these days.

    I use Roxio and/or Windows Vista DVD burning and it works decently.
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    Re: Video CD Quality?

    I transferred the file from camcoder to my PC in DVD format through Audio/Video cable. It is runs with perfect quality but when I do some editing through software Power Director then converting to mpeg format, quality gets degraded. What should I do to make high quality VCD, what hardware or software is required?

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    Re: Video CD Quality?

    I used "Eazy VCD" and "VCD burner". with these softwares you will get same quality on vcd as dvd have.

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    I'm sure 97Suburan, who made just this one post six years ago and has never posted again, will be happy to receive your recommendation if he ever comes back.....

    I understand new users wanting to make posts and stuff, but ancient history? Really? Not good "netiquette."

    As for the topic, for anybody that does come looking, there is no such thing as a high quality VCD. Period.

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