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    Unhappy Transfering video from camcoder

    Hi to everyone. I'm quite new here since I haven't posted for about a year in this forum and my question will be the same as it were back then. I still haven't figured it out. How can I transfer the video that is captured on my Digital Camcoder to my pc. I have tried everything. I bought a firewire cable and connected it from the camcoder to the pc but although the connection is always active when I put it in the slot nothing happens. In the Network Connections I have 1394 Connection and it says connected, speed 400.0 Mbps.I have installed the driver, the program that came with it, I have read the manual a million times, searched for help at Samsung's webpage, done everything I could think of and still no luck. Can anyone help me please? I'm desperate... Does by any chance anyone else have the same camcoder? It's Samsung VP-D21.

    btw, here's Samsung's page for my camcoder if anyone would like to take a look:

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    Re: Transfering video from camcoder

    You need to have video capture software as well to capture the video. Usually it involves a video capture card which has a firewire connection. You start the video capture which in essence takes control of the camera and as it is playing it records it to your hard disk. Usually you have a seperate hard drive for the capture as it can get quite big file wise.

    Programes that do this are Adobe Premiere, Canopus, Ulead Video Studio, Sonic MYDVD, and SceenAnalyzer at ,for capturing and working videos.

    Hope this helps you in some way.

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    Re: Transfering video from camcoder

    Windows me or newer comes standard with a program called windows movie maker, this should allow you to capture your video.

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    Re: Transfering video from camcoder

    Which version of windows are you running? Check to see if the firewall is active on your firewire connection under network connections. That can cause a problem.
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