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    Topic : Cant import using Log and Transfer to FCE 4.0.1 from Panasonic DMC-TZ10

    Does anyone know if/how I can import into FCE 4.0.1 using Log and Transfer? I use Log and Transfer with my Sony HDR XR200VE Video Camera but when I try this with the Panasonic DMC-TZ10 I can play the clips in the Log and Transfer Clip viewer however they don't import after I add them to the queue. It just gives me an ! icon and gives up.
    I guess I need to know if there is a combination of camera settings and Codecs I can choose that will allow me to successfully import into FCE 4.0.1 using Log and Transfer.
    The settings I can choose on the DMC-TZ10 camera are the Rec Mode (Either AVCHD Lite (GPS Rec), AVCHD Lite, or Motion JPEG) and the Rec Quality SH, H or L).
    iPhoto 09 and iMovie 09 will automatically import video from this camera if I choose Motion JPEG and H on the DMC-TZ10

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    Re: Topic : Cant import using Log and Transfer to FCE 4.0.1 from Panasonic DMC-TZ10

    As far as I am aware the log and capture feature only really applies to tape. when working with file based cameras, simply copy the files to your prefered location (usually a second hard drive) and then either use the import files function or drag these files to the bin. Log and capture is designed to create digital files from tape. You already have the digital files so there is no need to "capture" them.
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