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    Tape not recognized by HDV Camera??

    Hello all!

    I love to edit video but I am very unfamiliar with HDV video. I was given a tape to edit that is HDV format, shot 720 video and I was just told it was on a JVC camera that is not widely used. I've tried to play and attempt to capture the video to Final Cut via two different HDV cameras to no avail. The two cameras I tried were a Canon HDV Vixia HV30 and a Sony HDV 1080i HVR-A1J. Upon trying to play the tape on the Canon camera, I get a red flashing notice saying "Playback Restricted" and on the Sony I get a message saying "Incorrect tape format."

    I tried playing with the menu options but none of them worked. Soooooooo....

    Does anyone have any advice on where I even go from here? I need to have this video project completed in a week and a half and I'm definitely STUCK!

    Thank you in advance!


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    Re: Tape not recognized by HDV Camera??

    contact the person who owns the camera and see if you can borrow it, or get them to load the footage and save it as an avi and send it to you. or find an edit suit near you that has a deck with the right codecs. or see if you can hire one of these cameras to transfer the video?

    other than that i am out of ideas as well.

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