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    T5i & USB Mic Question.

    I do YT videos with a point and click, and want to upgrade. The stock Mic on the P&C is terrible. Hold your nose shut, and talk. That's it. At the moment I use a Audio-Technica with USB, but I have to sync both the video and audio. This is a pain with my software, but its doable. I have to count down from 5 and clap. The hands for visual, and the clap sound for the audio. Its silly IMO.

    Looking at the T5i, it has the Mic jack, but not a huge USB plug for the Mic. Can I make it work with an adapter of some kind, or will I have to get a diff Mic? Thanks IA.

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    Re: T5i & USB Mic Question.

    synching audio and video is always fun. depending on your software though it shouldn't be too hard. Like you said you need a visual action to match the audio - thats why hollywood uses clapper boards but your hands can suffice.

    usb mics are great for recording to a computer but as far as I am aware nobody makes any kind of usb mic adapter.

    you really have two options:

    1 get an xlr adapter this will let you use most xlr mics and adjust the gain etc.
    2 get a hotshoe video mic - this will be simpler but much less versatile

    option 1 is more technical and expensive but will give you more options for different mics and better sound.
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    Re: T5i & USB Mic Question.

    So that means looking one video camera better

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