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Thread: Skate Camera

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    Skate Camera

    Im looking for a new camera, right now I only have a Sanyo Xacti CG10. I need one were I can put different lenses on it. I know for The Xacti CG10 has a sort of clip on lens. But I need one that is better. I usually do more of skating videos, so I will be needing one I can but a good fish eye lens on. Does anyone have one they recommend for this?

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    Re: Skate Camera

    The Canon 550d is probably your best bet. You can get aftermarket lens adapters for most dedicated video cameras but they won't match the quality of the lenses for the canon, and it can shoot full high definition movies, not to mention its size which means you can take it up close to the action without worrying so much about getting in the way. The only downside is that you will have to manually or pre focus your shots, but I love it! If you still would prefer a dedicated video camera any small digital camera will do the job (with those add on lenses) but I would be looking for a 3ccd model if you can. Dedicated 3ccd video cameras that allow you to change lenses unfortunately cost the earth at the moment and are big and heavy.
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    Re: Skate Camera

    GoPro Hero HD!

    The Canon HV30 is good for that kind of thing and you can get a nice wide angle thread on converter for it. Get the Canon lens, the off brand is crappy. The focus tracking on the HV30/40 is pretty nice. I've used it for skiing video and been happy.


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