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    Recording Equipment for Product Reviews

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a complete KIT of Video Recording Equipment to record and produce product reviews. My topic is Electronic Gadgets. Like the Phone Arena studio setup. What would it take to record such clear videos?

    Any Help is greatly appreciated!

    Kalyan Verma

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    Re: Recording Equipment for Product Reviews

    A braodcast camera, someone who knows how to use it, at the very least a 3 point lighting setup with diffusers and soft boxes as well as a chroma key backdrop and probably infinity table / background system. A very good microphone either to plug straight into the camera, or preferably a dat recorder or similar for recording the narration. broadcast quality editing software and a high powered computer with broadcast rendering engines and cards. All up you are probably looking at about $50,000 australian to buy it all and then you still need to learn to use it well. Sure you could shop around and set yourself up with a "almost as good" system for about half the price and your customers may not be able to tell the difference, but you will probably end up paying more as equipment fails or your needs out grow it. many places simply contact a production company to do the video rather than investing the time money and energy in doing it themselves
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