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    press use - Kodak Zi8

    Not everyone in the media uses huge lead parrots on the shoulder.
    I had to double check to see if it was a cellphone - it's the Kodak Zi8
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    Re: press use - Kodak Zi8

    back in 1999 when i was still at uni, we had an associated press guest lecturer. There whole talk was about convergence. They basically said that a typical field crew was a journalist / reporter, a stills photographer, a videographer, a sound engineer and a lighting person / editor. They were trying to train their journalists at the time to do it all. Arriving at an event they would fire off some stills with the video camera's still function. Set the camera on a tripod and record some establishing shots then go in front of it and do a piece to camera. The whole thing would be sent via a laptop back the the press office where it would be repackaged to suit print, radio, tv and web channels and onsold to multiple markets. I don't think they ever quit succeeded There is still a need for skilled operators especially in challenging environments, but it never surprises me how news media professionals are always trying something new so they can be the fastest and the freshest. I thought red had the answer but now I think it is a good dslr with a parrot mount and good audio system.
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