I recently purchesed a Panasonic PV-GS70. The digital video camera is fantasic, the quality of the image and sound are second to none compared with an analogue camcorder.

The camera manuel goes on about the capabilities of the sd card however fails to mention how I transfer good quality images using the Mini DV casset to my computer allowing editing. It has a web cam funtion, an MGEG4 function and a digital still camera fuction (1.2mp) but all of these are stored on the sd card and can be trasfered through usb.

The camera uses Mini DV digital cassettes and does have a dv out socket.
In the specifications it says, "Digital Interface; DV Input/Output Terminal (IEEE1394, 4-pin)"
unfortunatly it fails to elaborate on this feature
Does this mean I can capture my images from my Mini DV Cassette by aquiring a Firewire Card and plugging the firewire cord into this socket?
If anyone has this particular model or knows how to solve this problem help!