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Thread: Which one?

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    Which one?


    I'm shooting a 4 1/2 minute long documentary.

    I have a Panasonic P2(AG-HVX200A) and a Canon 5D Mark II avalible!

    But i can only use one of them..

    The editing tool we are using is Final Cut Pro 7 or Premiere Pro CS5!

    Anyone have a good idea for which one i should use?

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    Re: Which one?

    That is a really tough and enviable choice!

    what lenses are on offer with the canon, and what are you shooting. Also what is your experience (which camera is going to be most familiar) and how are you going to approach recording sound?

    As for Editing, The industry standard is FInal Cut, but I have been using premier pro since version 1 (currently using CS4 but hoping to upgrade soon!) and I really like it. again it comes down to what you are most used to and how much time you have. Also are you going to be utilising any special effects and if so what programs are you going to be using to generate them, and how do you plan to export your finished film.
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    Re: Which one?

    I would use the P2 unless you are good with manual focus which in necessary with the Canon. The lens and DOF isn't as awesome as it can be with the 5d, but the P2 is a legit pro camcorder that takes really nice video. The p2 files are easy to edit and deal with in Premiere or FCP. other reasons to use the P2:

    On board stereo mic
    Audio monitoring
    XLR audio outputs
    in camera ND filters
    Tilt/swivel LCD screen

    The Canon:

    Light sensitivity
    lens selection
    Bigger sensor = short depth of field


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