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    Newbie seeking help!

    I've posted the following on the sports photography area, but thought I'd also post here-
    I would appreciate any input at all-

    Please help me choosing a new SLR camera for Ski racing photos. I know this is a personal choice, but with all the brands out there, I would appreciate any help narrowing down the choice (from your experience taking photos). I personally favor Nikon, but understand Canons should be considered. I love to photograph the following:

    Son ski racing, playing soccer, baseball
    nature- gardening and landscapes
    love the option of video as sometimes it is nice to mix into movies I make with photos

    I have never had an SLR camera, been happy with Kodak Digital for years, but need the choices of zoom lenses and speed of the SLR. Body weight needs to be considered as I sometime hike up to take ski photos. Will be getting a monopod to help steady the camera (moms tend to shake when their sons are skiing down a hill at rapid speeds)

    have been looking at the Nikon D90 and Canon EOS, Rebel T1i

    Thank you so much for your time- obviously I am a newbie!


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    Re: Newbie seeking help!

    Im not expert at all, but if you are looking for a small and light weight SLR take a peek on Olympus Evolt series...they claim to be winners on that matter...or at least they did last year. I bought what it was the smallest DSLR available the E-420, this is my first "pro" camera and Im very please with it. A good point to consider on this Olympus are the can buy 2 or 3 models which are cheap and have great quality.

    Nikon D40-90 are great cameras for what Ive personal favorite is the D-300 but is out of my price range tho.


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