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    Newbie Needs Help

    I have no clue about HD DVDs, but here is what ai want to do. I want to create a bird dog training DVD. I will do most of the video outside in various weather and wind conditions. like everyone else I am on a limited budget. I believe I need a camera which can use a remote mic as I will be explaining and demonstrating the training outdoors. I would really appreciate some direction and suggestions. I really would like to stay under $1500.00 if possible.

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    Re: Newbie Needs Help

    most video cameras that allow for a mic input should be ok for what you want. The mic will probably blow your budget though, wireless lapel mics are expensive and the cheaper ones tend to be prone to glitches (so you would need someone listening through headphones to make sure the sound is coming in ok. But you face another problem.. the dogs. If you use a lapel mic and the dog barks you most likely won't hear it, or at best faintly hear it. This will make your video feel unnatural. A couple of boom mics and a mixer would fix this but again probably push you over budget and we are now talking about a crew of at least 3 people plus the presenter. Againg to make the DVD feel natural it would be advisable to record some ambient sounds, such as the wind in the trees or the water in the creek to be mixed in so that the DVD has a somewhat realistic soundscape. This doesn't need to add a third mic though, as you can record these things before or after your takes and mix them into the end result in the edit suit. This also gives you control over the volume of these effects so even in the worst conditions you can still hear the presenter.
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