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Thread: Metadata

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    Hello Everyone

    I have a JVC Digital Video Camera, model GR-DF550. This model uses DV Video Cassettes.

    Problem: In making still pictures from a video, using the camera, the date and time information the video was taken is not being transferred to the still pictures. However, the actual date and time the video was taken does show in the LCD.

    So after the image has been transferred from the camera to a folder on my computer, when I click 'properties' for one of these still pictures, the date and time I get is the date and time I performed making the still image from the video, not the actual date and time the video was taken.

    Is there a program I can use to retrieve the original date and time the still picture was taken from the video, once the image has been transferred to my computer? Or is there some feature, some keyword, I can look for in my manual for this camera that will explain how to do that. I have looked but I can't find any information for that in the manual.

    I have Microsoft Pro Photo Tools but that program only gives me the date and time I transferred the still picture from the video, not the original date and time the picture was taken.

    Appreciate any help you can offer.


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    Re: Metadata

    You will have to manually enter the data. You are capturing the video MP???? to JPG and the date and time of the capture will be entered in the metadata of the JPG as it is the creation data/time of the JPG!

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