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    Question Making 3D video out of regular footage (Adobe After Effects or other software?)

    Hi everyone,
    Your advice is appreciated.

    I'm looking for a software makes anaglyph 3D video out of regular footage. Need it to make a kind of 3D blockbuster out of my sister's forthcoming wedding. Unfortunately I don't own any 3D camera (will be shooting with regular one), that's why special software is the only option for me.

    So far I got this:

    On one forum somebody told me that such conversion can be achieved in Adobe After Effects. But honestly I've never used this program before, so it can be hard for me to deal with it without any guidance. Also on other forum I was recommended to try 3D Video Converter, that is said to convert any format video to anaglyph 3D. But I don't, because haven't tried it as well. Have you?

    Maybe someone tried other software that does video conversion from 2D to 3D?

    Any advice is welcome,


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    Re: Making 3D video out of regular footage (Adobe After Effects or other software?)

    Ok, this is theoretically possible but such a time consuming process that it probably won't be worth it. My understanding is that depending on the scene and the calculations around depth etc it has limited success anyway. Not to mention the software to do it is expensive and difficult to master. It would probably be cheaper and easier to buy a 3d camera, or at the very least hire one.

    Personally I think you would be better served getting a friend with second camera to film as well, so that you can edit the two sources of footage together to create a better scene than you would otherwise have. You can ask one of them to focus wide shots and crowd shots and the other to film mostly close ups, then edit between the two. This will give you a far more watchable result than 3d.
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