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    looking for camera filter,,,,,

    Hello friends,

    I have recently purchased a digital camera. But now I am looking to buy camera filter. I am looking for filter which should be specially designed, good quality, protect my camera from scratch and dust. So do you know any website where I can purchase camera filter of best quality? If yes, then please let me know the name of that website or provide me the website link.Thanks!

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    Re: looking for camera filter,,,,,

    there are a number of reputable filter manufacturers however it isn't always essential to have a filter on your lens as this reduces the quality of the lens no matter how good the filter is. There are other considerations as well, such as what you will be shooting with what lens and what the filter thread diameter is and if you will use other filters such as polarising filters or neutral density filters. Also is this for a video camera or a still camera? If it is for a still camera I might move the thread to help files as you will get better responses.
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