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    Red face I want to make videos and take pictures, should I buy 1 camera or 2??

    Let me just state this up front and honestly as I can.

    I am absolutely new at photography. I am not really even interested in learning. I more or less want good results easily. I dont currently own a camera. I dont know what I am looking for besides good pictures and good video =)

    My girlfriend and I want to upload videos to youtube and we want to take pictures of her.

    I dont have a budget, but I am not sure I would notice or appreciate the extra features or quality that anything outside of an entry level camera would give me, say around $400, but I am flexible.

    I've seen some reviews on d3100, A3000, and t3i, but they often dont really mention how they are at video, so I am concerned if I spent $300-500 on one of these that I would have to turn around and spend a few more hundred on a camera for video.

    I've seen that the d3200 takes decent video. However it's $100 more than the d3100. Is there a noticeable difference in the video quality? Should I go with the sony A3000 because it's cheap and easy to use? Do any of these cameras do good videos? Am I even looking in the right direction?? Help!!!

    I just want someone to tell me which camera is
    • easy to use
    • has an entry level price
    • takes good pictures and videos

    and for a few other people to agree with their suggestion. I absolutely do not want subpar quality pictures or videos. I dont want a cheapo $100 camera like quality. I want something close to entry level professional quality.

    Thank you for your time

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    Re: I want to make videos and take pictures, should I buy 1 camera or 2??

    it used to be that still cameras sucked at video and video cameras sucked at still photography but with the dslr that isn't really true.

    It is probably going to blow your budget but a good dslr or micro 4/3rds camera should suit.

    standout for video at the moment are sony. Long term it might be worthwhile saving your pennies for a dslr, if you get into the video this will grow with you.

    This isn't to say a cheaper camera isn't going to do the job for you, but it won't allow you to grow.
    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

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    Re: I want to make videos and take pictures, should I buy 1 camera or 2?? camera is best..

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