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    hitachi camcorder dzmv730a

    My computer crashed and I am trying to find the driver for the Hitachi Dzmv730a. My computer also does not recognize the camera when I plug it into the usb ports. I did try to contact Hitachi for the driver with no success. I also went online to try and download the driver for free with no success either. Can anyone please assist? Thank you much!


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    Re: hitachi camcorder dzmv730a

    Hi Dava, welcome to PR Hope you don't mind, I moved this out of the Film Forum and over to the DV forum. Hopefully Skyman will be able to get you up and running :thumbsup:
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    Re: hitachi camcorder dzmv730a

    Dave, welcome to PR
    I take it you are using the usb to download the still images?
    If you are having trouble finding drivers for the camera then the simplest option would be to get a cheap usb memory card reader and take the card from the camera and put it in the reader. especially if hitachi isn't making the drivers available on their website.

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