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    Unhappy Help please! Importing problems!

    Hey, I am new here. Yesterday I got a Panasonic AG-HMC150
    I upload some footy last night with the card reader easy. Today, the card reader is plugged in and all that, but all the clip files come up as like, idk, I guess terminal files. So when I try to put it into imovie or even FCP, it just doesn't show up. :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:
    This was a very expensive investment, so I'm pissed and upset it won't work. :cryin:
    I'm stupid, so a step by step is appreciated.

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    Re: Help please! Importing problems!

    I am pretty sure that camera uses the AVCHD format where the video is broken up into a bundle of files in a folder structure that looks confusing and complex. The files you refer to are just part of the total video. Not all media players or edditing applications recognise avchd and for those that do it is important to keep the folder structure intact so that the program can find and link all the required files. I think from memory your camera should have a folder called dcim. If you copy the entire contents of that folder to your computer and open it in fcp you should be fine.

    Let us know how you go.
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