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    Good Camera for recording Auto X footage

    Hi guys. Not sure if this has been answered yet but would like to have some opinions on what I should get.

    I am doing Auto X, which is racing around a track (and a few Rallys) in my car. I want to record both footage from outside the car and inside the car. I dont need anything insanely Hi tech, but good enough for others to see and noticeable make out like corners, obstacles, environment around and on the roads and tracks.

    What do you guys suggest. Roads are mainly rough at times but I can fix that with new suspension.

    Need a semi small compact camera that could fit on a suction mount to record decent viewable footage.


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    Re: Good Camera for recording Auto X footage

    biggest problem you will have will be not getting the camera trashed when mounted outside the car. a camera with good lens and a fast shutterspeed (so you can see the details in your track / road at speed) is what you are looking for. most consumer cameras are not going to have autofocus that can handle this so something that will let you set the focus manually ahead of time would be preferable. I am thinking that a camera with solid state recording (using an sd card or flash memory) would be more resistant to jolts and shocks oh and you might want to consider a camera with optical image stabilisation.
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    Re: Good Camera for recording Auto X footage

    Ah i see. Fast shutterspeed sounds good. I was looking at some suggestions.

    What do you think of the Canon PowerShot A720 8.0 MP?

    I will try to find a demo version. Also I will placing the camera in the headlights so it shouldnt be damaged by rocks and what nots.

    Appreciate the help

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