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    Foggy picture.Help needed urgently.

    I have borrowed a mini dv camcorder form a family member to film the Kids over Christmas but am having a couple of problems. I have used the camera many time before without any problems but last week when i first tried to use it it kept ejecting the tape. I found this was a safety feature when there is a possibility of dew/moisture in the camera. this was resolved by keeping it open in a warm room for a couple of hours. The problem now is that the picture seem to be very misted up as if the lens was misted but this is not the case it looks perfectly clear. I have tried using the camera but the finished video has the same misted up appearance. Can anyone advise me what the problem may be. I have placed some packs of silica gel in the bag with the camera to see if this helps but no change yet. Please help as i really don't want to miss out on filming the kids on Christmas day..

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    Re: Foggy picture.Help needed urgently.

    Sounds like when you put the camera in the warm room the moisture already in the camera evaporated and recondensed on the lens. unfortunately there isn't really a fix for this other than the silica gel and bag thing you are doing. try it in a warmer room so that the water can turn to gas be more easily removed by the silica gel. also try new silica gel as they can become waterlogged. if this doesn't work you might very very carefully try a hair dryer on a gentle heat at a distance (you don't want to melt anything) for a minute or two.

    Good luck

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