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    Equipment Recommendations Needed

    It's been years since I dabbled in video and have totally lost touch with this technology, so I'm hoping the experts here can give me a little guidance before I spend my money.

    I am wondering which video camera should be selected to be used on a vechicle mount. The make it a bit more complicated, it would be used to record offroad easy jeep trails, which, although not rock climbing adventures, are quite bumpy.

    It would have to have these features:

    1. Ability to accept a glass filter or polarized filter to protect the lens in the event a rock should hit that area of the camera.

    2. Have a wide angle lens attachment available.

    3. Ability to record at least 3 hours; I'm thinking some kind of flash media would be more resistent to shock that a hard drive, but, frankly, I'm not sure on this question.

    Basically, you get get a look at the jeep and snap up the concept on this new web page:

    These videos would be posted YouTube style.

    I'm also curious about video editing. I would need the capability to string together the best parts of the videos, of course, and to dub in a vocal narrative with the option to override the original sound track or to leave the original sound track playing at a subdued level under the voice narrative. Do most cameras ship with editing software these days, and are the features within the usual array of software features?

    Thanks much in advance!
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